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  • Solutions

    Dalian Ruihai is a professional company specialized in the field of digital forensics, our R&D team senior engineers have more than 10 years experience and strong technical ability.

    Our products involving smartphone data extraction and recovery, U disk and FLASH data recovery, hard disk data recovery, laboratory construction and other core technology, complete forensics solution, service for China National Security Agency, Public Security Bureau, Procuratorate, Court and other judicial department, has branches in Beijing, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Xinjiang, and also provide products and services for many international well-known professional forensics company and national material evidence center.

    • Public Security Bureau

      Mobile Phone, Medium, Hard Disk, Video Data Extraction and Recovery Integrated Solution.

    • Supervision Committee

      Independent Intellectual Property Rights and Efficient Technical Support Services.

    • Procuratorate

      Completely Forensics Solution, satisfy all users needs.

    • Court

      Provide products and services for many international well-known professional forensics company and national material evidence center.

    Application Scenarios
    • Mobile phone has been completely burned and unable to identify the type, due to the case information temporarily is not clear yet, police officer want to obtain the valuable clues from this coked mobile phone , in order to promote the quickly solve. Our engineers use RH- 6900 chip-off forensics equipment and related soldering tools, successfully acquired data and image file from the memory chip, provided important clues for case detection.
    • Somewhere in Hunan,China,one corpse was thrown into a septic tank for two years,one mobile phone was thrown in with the corpse,as it’s to long a time,no other clue can be found,the seriously corroded mobile phone became the only clue.After the flash chip-off the mobile phone being taken off,the flash chip data of the mobile phone is extracted by means of universal chip-off physical data extraction,the call record and SMS were finally analyzed.
    • In a case,the voice recorder of SONY P620 can not start up,and the computer can not be connected to read the data inside.Such failures need to take off the FLASH chip of the recorder,read,decrypt and reorganize the underlying data.By analyzing the data stored in the recorder,confirm that it is pure audio encoding and has no file system.Adopt the method of direct analysis of audio encoding to analyze the data,and finally deleted audio file,play time,play speed and other key information all recovered.
    • SSD fault is not recognized, unable to enter the system. Our preliminary conventional inspection can't get the data from this SSD, this fault needs to remove the chip, read the underlying data, save as image file, export correct image analysis database, check the cluster number of database, compare the actual file size with the calculated value, find lost data, double check the data restructuring steps to find out reason, and extract the lacked data and restructuring the wrong data, export data from the image and merged, SSD data recovery succeed.
    • A certain place occurred many bank card faudulent cases,the police captured many bank card duplicators through on-site investigation.Since there is no data communication interface in bank card replicator and the memory chip of bank card replicator uses EEPROM (linear FLASH),only professional chip-off forensics equipment can read the image file of this kind of memory chips. We used RH-6900 to read and analyze the EEPROM memory chip of the replicator, successfully extracted all bank card information recorded in the device,after restructuring the data,we got the key evidence.
    • In an anti-terrorism case of a local public security department, several badly damaged mobile phones were obtained. We successfully extracted data and analyzed a large amount of effective information by using chip-off data extraction technology, made contributions to the case detection.
    • The phone involved has been immersed for half year, and the phone is seriously corroded and damaged. Data cannot be obtained by traditional method. Since the phone's memory chip is packaged in ceramic, it won't get water or rust. Therefore, after remove the memory chips, with the level of mobile phone chips physical data extraction equipment, we successfully extracted all image file, and use the software image file analysis function to obtained contact list, SMS, call list and other all user information, provided important clues for case detection.
    • Our company received a mobile phone which was badly damaged at the scene of the explosion. All the circuit boards and memory chips of the mobile phone had been broken. There was only one SIM card which was badly damaged, but its appearance was still recognizable. After receiving the physical evidence, our company disassembled the skin of the SIM card under the microscope and found the data wire of the SIM card. We connected the pin of the chip to our device by flying wire technique to extract data and analyze the contact list.
    • Due to the storage device cannot be accessed through the normal way, so we need to read the Flash underlying data, after read all the underlying data, can decrypt, restructuring, and correct error algorithm. Eventually generate a readable image file, the 16G TF card data recovery completed.
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